Sets of jewels with character

Graphic shapes serving raw art

These creations are dedicated to women, those that are depicted fragile and strong at the same time as the glass that Myriam Hubert uses to imagine and conceive her sets of jewels.


Glass, a material that could be believed to be fragile, when it is not. The parallel is found with women, who are so often depicted as weak beings, whereas they are strength personified under apparent fragility.


The creator is formal: "It is a question of minimizing the fear of breaking the glass, with the assumption that one has which makes believe that glass is fragile. Here, they are set with tin, like the stained glass of the monumental buildings, which have gone through the centuries. Also accept the duality in each of us, the strength and the vulnerability that we carry in ourselves, which cohabit. The purpose of these sets of jewels is to remind us of that.

Authenticity and modernity

Glass is alive and keeps its mystery to the end. And sometimes, the cutting turns out to be complex, it is a material that requests precision and humility. The Zam-création sets of jewels possess the following particularity; they emerge from their own uniqueness. Each time, this makes of them a unique and original jewel, made to meet one single person: the one who will wear it.

Collier DIVINA - L'univers des bijoux en verre Zam-création

Bracelet TRIO bracelet DIVINA - L'univers des bijoux, bracelet collier et boucles d'oreilles Zam-création

Symbolic forms

Triangles, squares or other parallelepipeds, here the choice between one or two sets of jewels is cornelian in addition to being graphic. The designer has opted for these symbolic forms. Indeed, they unconsciously speak to every human being. Universal, these geometric forms have existed since the dawn of time throughout the world and its different cultures. This common denominator crosses History to give birth to a modern and authentic line of jewels which are here to be admired.

Grace and invention

And why Zam-création? One might wonder. Zam, it is the contraction between sounds that are found in the word 'mosaic' and the first name that Myriam carries. She named her Company this way. And pursues a path that she can draw so perfectly by designing her sets of jewels with character. With grace and invention for a 'so' raw art...

« Glass is old and has a long history. It reinvents itself here

within and through a resolutely modern line. »